Amanda Comes to Visit

My friend Amanda from college visited me this weekend from New Hampshire. Friday we spent the night in Hoboken. We went out with some friends to a roof top bar. Saturday, we headed to Lake Hopatcong to spend the day on the lake with my co-workers. I wake surfed for the first time! (Shout out to Ayla and Chris for having us!) 

Sunday we headed to the Pine Barrens. We took two Jeeps and my Lexus (lol I was pretending Lexi was a jeep) through deep mud holes, sand and pretty steep inclines. I was pretty surprised how well my car did on tough terrain, didn't get stuck once! Check out the pics to see what I'm talking about (insert laughing emoji here).

Once the sun started to set, we had to quickly make our way out of the woods before we got lost, since cell service does not exist in there. We were so hungry from adventuring, we hit up an old school diner. Of course, I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and finished the night off with a birthday cake ice cream cone. Are you surprised?